In which pride goeth before a fall

Oct. 21st, 2017 09:44 pm
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Why did I SAY those THINGS? I said the majority of stress for this work-year was over, I said I was heading into a quiet quarter at work. Why did I not take seriously the ominous signs of a) having been happy with my management chain for a whole year and b) the pending promotion, rendering me ripe to be shoved into a new situation by a sardonic universe just when I'm uncomfortable at level?

On Monday I celebrated my 10-year anniversary, on Tuesday I found out one of my middling-senior team members wants to transfer out (okay, I had warning, but it meant I had to spend time starting to recruit), and on Wednesday I found out my director's team is being ripped in half for shitty corporate reasons and I'll have a new grandboss. For the sixth time in just over five years, with another one coming for sure because we're not in a stable place (reporting straight to a VP... for the nonce). Soon I will explain what my team does and why it does it, cross all my fingers and toes that this management chain thinks I'm performing at level, and tell a partially different calibration room why it is that my folks perform at their levels.

Oh! And my sister-in-law is visiting. She arrived the same day that the reorg news broke.

In my grumpiness, I turned the entire universe into paperclips by playing this little browser game. So satisfying. Go ahead, try it... you won't get sucked in or anything.

{{{evil laughter}}}

Mermaid points

Oct. 21st, 2017 04:22 pm
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Moomin convinced me that the HCA Little Mermaid story is actually amazing because she just feels her feelings but isn't an asshole, doesn't get married, and becomes foam on the sea and an air spirit who helps people so basically her story NEVER ENDS and she is a SUPERHERO who flies around with air powers, doing good in the world! I started out with the complete opposite point of view on this story.

Also when he said he thought of me in relation to her feeling like she is walking on knives..... i actually think of that sometimes so that kind of touched me.

He is also reading Gilgamesh and some Bible stuff for philosophy class and seems to be keeping up in his other math class! So nice to have him here even for a day. <3


Oct. 21st, 2017 06:07 pm
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Or at least some of them.
  • New writing website is up and operational!
  • Goodreads giveaway for Out of This World is scheduled for mid-November!
  • Miscellaneous things are attended to!
  • Edits and formatting for new Emily collection are in progress!
Now to reward myself with a second viewing of Atomic Blonde, and if I make it to midnight, The Addams Family.

An Actual Update: Fannish Edition

Oct. 21st, 2017 06:29 pm
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Sorting out my mood stabilizers gave me back my ability to read for pleasure and it also gave me back my fannishness.

I've been reading a lot of books, but I've also been reading a shitton of fanfic for the first time in years and just loving it.

I tend to multifannishness with periods of intense focus on one specific fandom. For most of the summer that was Les Miserables, which is a great fandom to binge-read, but a highly inconvenient fandom to want more fic for in 2017, as it's not dead, but definitely doesn't attract as many really good authors as it did a couple of years ago.

Les Mis is really actually two fandoms with one name. There's the Valjean/Javert portion of the fandom, and there's the Les Amis d'ABC portion of the fandom.

I've read and loved some Valjean/Javert in the past, but right now I'm ALL about Les Amis.

The thing about Les Amis fandom is this: in canon almost every character dies, but fandom being fandom says "fuck that shit," and instead you can read thousands upon thousands of ways for everybody to live.

Most Les Amis fic is AUs. Modern AUs. High School/College AUs. Dystopic SF AUs. Fantasy AUs. Soulmates. A/B/O Universes. If you can think of it, someone has probably written it.

But there is a common theme to most of it, a story I needed to read over and over this year. It's a story about queer, radical revolutionaries who get to be happy and maybe even win a little. Not all the great fic is overtly political, sometimes they're radicals in different ways, but that radical queerness is always there at heart, and it feeds my soul.

Also, Enjolras/Grantaire is basically radical idealist who's terrible at human emotion meets cynical alcoholic who's feels too much, and it's gold. If you like pairings who start out the story completely incomprehensible to each other and fight a lot on the way to falling in love, this is definitely the fandom for you. I love stories about people who make each other better, and that's very much the case for these two.

I'm working on a Les Mis recs post but it's rather long, and I've got a lot of other things going on right now, so I'm not sure when I'll get it finished.

Just when I was starting to despair of no more Les Mis fic, [ profile] bonibaru and [ profile] thatmissp started talking about Shadowhunters and linking to stuff. So I watched one of bonibaru's vids and went, "ooh, pretty, also very, very queer". And then misspamela posted a snippet of a fic she'd written and I read it and said, "okay, I definitely need more of this." And then I discovered that it's on netflix in Canada, and decided I'd give it a shot.

I watched the entire 13-episode first season in 3 days.

As my two enablers warned me, it's not exactly good TV. It's a trashy supernatural teen soap opera, and it embraces that. But I actually love that about it, it has no interest in being subtle and nuanced, and that makes it kind of charming and endearing. It's just so earnest.

Also, very, very queer. It's an ensemble show and within that ensemble the romance that gets the most attention and best development is the queer one, and it fills me with joy.

Magnus Bane is a flamboyant, hedonistic, bisexual and immortal warlock. Alec Lightwood is a young, uptight, closeted supernatural demon-fighter. They meet and Magnus immediately goes, "I want that one," and Alec suddenly completely loses the ability to speak. It's adorable.

And of course there's angst, and Alec is a self-sacrificing idiot a lot, but it's also a surprisingly honest and realistic relationship arc for a supernatural teen soap opera.

Anyway, I've just started season two and I'm enjoying it immensely. It's not the kind of fandom I expect to become passionate about long-term, but right now it's providing a much-needed shot of sparkly queerness in my life.

An Actual Update: Real Life Edition

Oct. 21st, 2017 04:06 pm
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Look, I can makes posts sometimes that AREN'T either music or book reviews! Who knew?

This summer was filled with reading, multiple trips to a friend's cottage in the Gatineaus, and learning to be dog owners. That last has been particularly exhausting, but we're getting there. And he is a sweetheart.

This is Bogart:
sitting dog

all about Bogart, with more pictures and a cameo from Dreadful )

There is also a new four-footed resident downstairs. Chakra, one of Rayne's cats, died in mid-August and in September I saw this fine gentleman in a pet store and sent his picture to Rayne, who promptly came and met him and fell in love.

This is Ivan Vorcatril:
white cat

Yes, we do call him, Ivan, you idiot )

Which is better than Kina is with the new temporary downstairs resident.

Three years ago we rescued and either rehomed or tnr'd the colony of feral cats who'd been hanging out in our backyard. One of the first kittens Rayne rehomed was Sage:

grey and white cat

Sage has returned to us, but she can go home with you! )

In non-pet news, As of yesterday I am taking Concerta for ADHD.

This article was somewhat unnerving to read, because so much of it could apply to me: How I Came To Understand My Adult ADHD".

Especially this part, about how long the writer went undiagnosed:
When I asked how this was possible, my doctor-friend hit the nail on the head without looking up from her menu: “You were performing well, so no one asked you how you felt.”

I'm still figuring out what parts of my non-neurotypical brain are because of being bipolar and what parts are in fact due to ADHD. It's a weird feeling to be re-evaluating this stuff now. I'm 37. I've been diagnosed as bipolar since I was 24. I thought I was done learning new and interesting things about how my brain works.

Pop quiz

Oct. 21st, 2017 06:08 pm
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What’s more embarrassing:

1) a Kekistan flag, proving that you spend most of your time on porn message boards?
2) a Proud Boys flag, proclaiming that you never masturbate, and which is literally a giant cock?
3) being a cop with a Punisher water bottle that you quickly hide when CP24 cameras come around?


Pics of fash under the cut )Pics of fash under the cut )

Saturday Yardening

Oct. 21st, 2017 03:52 pm
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Today is partly sunny, breezy, and warm. 

We went out and looked at yardwork projects together.  We picked out a place to plant the big bag of bulbs, and Doug mowed that along with the paths in the prairie garden.  Since we're supposed to get some rain tonight and tomorrow, I'm waiting on that before planting them, so the ground will be softer.

I also picked up sticks around the house, since that yard will need to be mowed later.

Late monarchs are fluttering around the prairie garden.

EDIT 10/21/17: I went back out and dug up some toadstools so the south lot can be mowed.

Head of the Charles, Day 1

Oct. 21st, 2017 01:25 pm
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Today was all spectating for me. All of my teammates are grizzled rowing veterans, so they competed in the Saturday morning events, starting with the very first event of the race. It was cool to watch the action start to heat up. I got up, showered, and then walked from sister-friend's house (M) to Harvard Square, where I stopped by Dunkin' Donuts for a somewhat less-than-healthy breakfast and coffee. Then over to Newell Boathouse to look for the shirt I threw in the bushes the day before and forgot (it was still there, phew). Then back to Anderson Bridge to watch rowers navigate the course under the Weeks Footbridge. There's a fairly sharp, 90-degree turn at the Weeks Footbridge, so it's a critical steering maneuver and it can cost one a lot of time to miss.

In spite of that, there were numerous misses, with scullers heading too far to shore. In one of the first races, a 1x sculler also wound up running dead-on into one of the Anderson Bridge pilings. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt and his boat wasn't damaged, so he was able to carry on down the course.

The weather was as perfect as it gets - clear skies, warm temperatures, and only a tiny breeze.

Once I was finished cheering on my teammates, I walked over to Harvard Square to check out a bakery I'd spotted on my morning walk. It wound up being this place, which was very nice but felt like it was trying to perpetuate a certain sort of trendy concept for bakeries. Almost like an American reinterpretation of European/French bakeries that gets close but doesn't quite hit the mark. The only reason I care is the American reinterpretation wound up feeling more ostentatious and boisterous - designed to target a "foodie" audience that puts everything on Instagram. That said, I had some delicious shakshuka, and picked up a pistachio croissant to try later. So, no complaints about the lovely and delicious baked goods.

I was hoping to catch one last race, for a college teammate, but I wound up being just a couple minutes too late. So instead I got to see the aftermath of a woman who clashed oars, then flipped and fell in. It was strange. For a little while, it looked like she was going to keep going, but then it looked like she changed her mind, pulled an oar out of the oarlock, and went swimming again. Her thought process was very unclear to those of us on the banks. But perhaps it was for the best, because the event following her race was the men's Alumni 8's, and those boats freight-train their way down the course. A 1x would absolutely get mowed down under those circumstances.

I'm enjoying a quiet and restful afternoon because tomorrow morning it will be my turn to get out there. I'm glad to be immersed in rowing for the weekend.

Drabble: A Convincing Encounter

Oct. 21st, 2017 02:31 pm
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Title: A Convincing Encounter
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Pairing/Characters: Severus Snape/Kingsley Shacklebolt, Frank Longbottom/Alice Longbottom.
Word Count: 100 x 9
Rating: PG
Challenge: Written for [ profile] snape100/[ profile] snape100/[community profile] snape100's prompt # 713: Snape's Library - Enchanted Encounters.
This is part Twenty-Five of my Snape: Horcrux Hunter series (LJ/IJ/DW).
Warning(s): AU.
Beta(s): [personal profile] sevfan and emynn.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

A Convincing Encounter )
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Posted over on FB,
Related to #metoo and especially #ihave, it's worth remembering how lots and lots of movies demonstrate that stalking is how to find love. And then there's the movies that demonstrate that grabbing the girl and kissing her means she'll like you, or is at least a great way to get her to stop being angry. One of the things demonstrated in that screengrab I posted the other night (I'll add it in the comments) is how much stuff it's easy not to notice, or easy to not realize is not okay until looking back with more modern eyes. And I don't mean more modern than 50 years ago. I mean more modern than 30 years ago or even 20 or 10 years ago.

When I see #ihave posts all I know is that someone has given some thought to what they could have done better in their past and are trying to do better now. It tells me little more than that.

The Atlantic: Romantic comedies - where stalking meets love, which I found as a link off Bustle: 17 romantic movie heroes who actually sexually harassed the heroine.*

I'm trying to remember how to upload photos to dreamwidth because it isn't part of the rich text interface.

*The latter . . . has issues - ferex, I don't think Stardust belongs on there as it's explained. It has its own problems, but 'he kidnapped the Star to woo her!' is not accurate.

How are you at Dream Interpretation?

Oct. 21st, 2017 12:46 pm
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So I have been having the weirdest dreams lately.
Often I don't remember the details, but this morning I did, and since I wrote it all out while in chat with [personal profile] torino10154 to see what she though (she thinks it's the drugs LOL) I figured I'd share here.

Cut for bizarreness )
So how about it, those of you who actually read all that rambling?
Any ideas WTF is going on?

It's seven o'clock and I wanna rock

Oct. 21st, 2017 12:31 pm
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I seem to have mislain my (old and falling apart) copy of The Prince and the Pauper.  Fortunately, I downloaded a copy from Project Gutenberg some time back.

Let's see. . .yesterday was Friday -- errand day in town.  We had an early appointment with a loan officer, who thinks far more of our finances than we do; which is fine, as she herself said.  No need to spend up to the limit, after all.

After the bank, we went next door to AAA, and had the nice lady make our train reservations To Memphis And Back Again.  We have tickets and receipt in hand.  Note to self: remember to forward receipt to the con for reimbursement.

After that, we went to the vet to pick up some cat food, to Tractor Supply for ditto, and to Hannaford, to pick up prescriptions and foodly things.  Came home, and had crab cakes and fresh steamed green beans for supper.  Mmmmm.

We hired a buyer's agent, who has taken our modest list and will begin lining up showings, and I actually got some work done, too.

This morning, I read a short piece that will soon be posted for subscribers on our Patreon page (Belle participating by sitting on my lap, and purring.  Loudly.  Listeners will probably be able to hear her.  I hope they'll be able to hear me.)  When I finish this blog post, I'll do the dishes, and then! -- I'll sort laundry.

No, I don't know how I stand the pace, either.

Fifth of Five now at 37,000ish words out of a probable, oh, let's see. . .100,000?

Captain Waitley wasn't quite what Portmaster Liu had been expecting.

No, scratch that, in a lot of ways, Captain Waitley was exactly what Portmaster Liu had been expecting: short for a Terran, tall for a Liaden, lean for the height she did have; shoulders showing attitude under a Jump jacket older and bigger than she was. Whatever else she was – and recklessly negligent wasn't off the table, in Portmaster Liu's not-exactly-objective opinion – Theo Waitley was definitely a member of Boss Conrad's extended family, Clan Korval. Portmaster Liu had been spending a lot of time lately with the Boss and the Boss's little brother, the Road Boss; she knew the family look when she saw it.

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which I have been hiding from for nearly a year owing to its close temporal (and partially causal) association with my major mood dip at the start of the year.

Because I am in no way MASSIVELY AVOIDANT or anything, no why would you think that.

I will accept praise and validation.
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Okay, this guy is clearly in a state of confusion: I’m in a kind of love triangle and am so confused about what to do.

But, really:

It has got to a point now that I have told my girlfriend that we need to have a break so I can sort myself out. She has moved out and I do miss her a lot.... The space away from my girlfriend, I hope, would make me realise that she is the one for me and come back to her in a happier place where I feel I can be happy and give 100%.

Whereas she is probably busily blocking his number and any contact they have on social media and telling her friends not to pass any details on.

I mean, I think Annalisa Barbieri is right that probably neither of these women is The One and he is just trying to make one of them The One because he wants to Settle Down, but I do wonder if at least the girlfriend, if not the ex, is going to wait around for him to get his head together, and it's not so much a question of he should break up with both of them, but that he is likely to find himself broken up with.

Let him go, let him tarry:

Shadow Unit: Down the Rabbit Hole

Oct. 21st, 2017 09:25 am
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[A/N: So I wrote this for Lewis Carroll's birthday in 2009. It's an AU (alternate universe) of Shadow Unit, in which one of the main characters, Chaz Villette, is imagining what his life would be like in an alternate reality where he wasn't quite who he is, and since it currently exists only on LiveJournal in Chaz's blog, I'm posting it here as well, so that it doesn't get lost. I'm very fond of it.

[If you don't know anything about Shadow Unit: (1) this stands on its own; (2) go check it out! Buckets of free fiction from me & Elizabeth Bear & Emma Bull & Amanda Downum & Leah Bobet & Will Shetterly & Steven Brust & Chelsea Polk.]
Read more... )


Oct. 21st, 2017 09:36 am
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Ex-KGB guy lecturing about subversion in 1983.

The beginning is ... amusing. He claims that the Soviet Union is immune to subversion because it's closed off from outside influences. It might also be amusing that he claims religion is the only thing which holds a society together, but fails to notice that the USSR tried to weaken religion.

However, his claims that it's possible to take a society down by amplifying its internal disruptive influences might be true.

The part that catches my attention is that cultivating no-compromise attitudes among people is very destructive. And that if you're looking to punish the other guy rather than get a good solution for the both of you, you're heading for trouble.

Unfortunately, it takes two to cooperate.

I'm wondering whether the world is worse than it needs to be, not so much because people are personally rotten as because there are organizations encouraging bad behavior for reasons which have nothing to do with the self-interest of the obvious culprits.

I suggest that malice is not adorable. Even if it's from people you agree with against people you don't trust. And that tear-it-all-downism might actually be bad for you.

There's a challenge here because hunting for negative foreign influence can also be a destructive force.

I'm not sure what the answer is. Look for people of good will. Don't make things worse.

The Blood is the Life for 21-10-2017

Oct. 21st, 2017 11:00 am
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