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... when you walk out the door, see the other side of the street empty for street sweeping and your heart sinks because you think you parked not-your-car there and now it's gone, but you have to get to something else so you don't have time to stop and think about it. And then on the way to that something else you lose your keys, so you go walking back and forth between home and Davis scanning for your keys (and not pausing to look for the car because of course it's been towed...) and HAPPILY you manage to find your keys, which someone picked up and brought in to their office, which wasn't the office you were going to, but then you have to go to work - half an hour later than planned - and then you have to tell the owners of the car what's up, because you need the license plate number to check on its status, and of course that conversation is no fun "Your car? Either towed or stolen. What's your lic. plate number?"
And you get the number, and you call the local tow-mafia and... they don't have the car. "You should call the cops and ask them." and you do, and they don't, either.
So you start tagging people around you to try to look on nearby side streets, because maybe you're just too tired and stupid to ACTUALLY remember where you parked?, and one of those very kind people manages to find the car, around the corner from where you thought you'd left it and it's safe and sound and suddenly ALL the stress can leave your body, and you collapse?

Yeah, me neither...
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So [personal profile] ahf and I wandered porchfest today (http://www.somervilleartscouncil.org/porchfest) - this is the 3rd, and the 2nd I've made it out for, and it's still a favorite thing that Somerville does.

This year's music that we saw:
Somerville Symphony Orkestar - http://www.ssoband.com/ - VERY STRONG recommendation. If you like Balkan and/or Honk-y and/or BiL, I totally advise seeking out these guys.

Grand Fatilla - http://www.reverbnation.com/grandfatilla - Repeat the above, though they have no brass... and a strong Italian basis.

Atwoods Bluegrass Band (Sean Staples and His Bluegrass Rangers) - many different URLs. Stumbled on them between the 1st 2 above. Solid.

The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library - http://michaeljepstein.com/ - I wanted more vocal strength. The ├╝ber-hipster vibe I think is just inherent in MJE's work.

The Pennies - http://www.thepenniesmusic.com/ - Enjoyable, lightly quirky on the originals we heard, solid on the covers. I'd see 'em again.

Jon Bernhardt - http://www.wobblymusic.com/spaceman/ - A man and his theramin. Woo!

The Ways and Means Committee - http://www.boston.com/yourtown/news/somerville/2012/05/porchfest_the_sounds_of_somerv.html?p1=Upbox_links - Cool enough. Not what we were looking for at the time, probably would've been better had we been.

Educate the Antidote - http://www.muziclab.com/artist.php?id=136 - Their description of themselves as "The Antidote=Dave Matthews meets Black Eyed Peas" is pretty spot on.

The New Babushkas - http://www.voortrek.com/thenewbabushkas/ - 2 accordions, fiddle, and cello today. Lovely stuff.

Dust Clouds of Mars - https://www.facebook.com/DustCloudsofMars - Would be right at home opening for Man Or AstroMan? and that's a good thing, imho.

Truckdrivin' Neighbors Downstairs - http://www.truckdrivingneighborsdownstairs.com - Solid.

The Rhythm Sons - http://www.facebook.com/TheRhythmSons - they should avoid harmony vocals, but as solo singers they were a fine group.

And finally, sadly the Somerville Ukulele Club (SUC) - no web presence - were drowned off their porch by their much louder neighbors.

All in all, a good day and I eagerly await next year!


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